Our podcast room provides a pristine recording space for you and your guests. We offer two “scenes” to record. The first is a table with room for 4 hosts, the other is an area with our two super comfy chairs that you can sit back and relax, and let the conversation roll. Our equipment allows for in-person recordings of up to four people, as well as phone call interviews or capturing audio from online calls via Google or Zoom. Our fast and reliable internet ensures seamless connectivity throughout the recording process.

Once your recording is complete, we offer support in posting your podcast to multiple platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Anchor, and more.


If you’ve already recorded your podcast, you may require editing services to correct any errors or add introductory music. No problem, we can assist you with that!

Even if you recorded your podcast elsewhere and just need some help with editing, we’ve got you covered. Simply send us your audio file along with your specific editing requirements, and we’ll ensure that it’s polished and ready for posting.


Do you have a steady stream of podcast ideas? Have you considered expanding your reach by creating a YouTube channel? You can easily set up your own cameras or use our equipment to record your podcast, then distribute it to a broader audience!

If you’re comfortable with recording your podcast but aren’t sure about the editing process, don’t worry. We’re here to assist you by either providing editing guidance or taking care of it entirely. Our goal is to help you succeed in every aspect of podcast production.


Similar to other online content, podcasts require a reliable storage platform. We can assist you in finding the ideal platform to host your podcast, ensuring that your content reaches your audience seamlessly.

You can choose to distribute your podcast across several platforms or host it on your own website. In case you need a website, you can visit two22pm.com (that’s us too), where we can provide additional assistance.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to explore how we can support you with your podcasting needs.